Sydney Pools – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Be it to improve health or boost resale value of your property, investing in a Sydney pool can be a smart decision. Not only will it look beautiful and help stay fit while enjoying the sunshine; swimming is an amazing activity suitable for people of all ages that can improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, strengthen muscles and bones and relieve stress and anxiety.

Ocean pools in Sydney’s surf beaches provide year-round swimming for recreational and competitive swimming as well as learn-to-swim programs, wave play and treasured forms of wave-play. While more wilder than any indoor public pool, ocean pools attract swimmers with lively salt water that offers stunning panoramic views of beach, sky and sea.

Ocean pools are one of NSW’s special treasures; nowhere else in the world does one city possess so many of these idyllic water features as a city like NSW does; from Fairy Bower on Manly to Wylie’s and Olympic-sized South Cronulla, ocean pools offer safe havens from powerful rip currents that predominate Australian surf beaches, acting both as public pools and reliable beach safety measures by allowing waves to wash in while excluding large sharks – providing pleasure of immersion without risk of rescues or coastal drownings rip currents that account for many rescues or coastal drownings each year.

But these pools do come with their own set of problems. Many are run on tight budgets, leading some to close or need repairs, while government grants have decreased in value while rate capping has led to increased operating costs and rates being caped; finally, as highlighted by a spokesman from the Association of Local Government Authorities in New South Wales, housing developments have added additional capital expenditure requirements on councils.

Some are managing better than others. Gail Younts and Rhonda Hobbie co-manage the City of Sydney pool, a popular summer destination for families with young children. According to them, it provides recreation for youth not participating in high school or youth sports programs, as well as serving as a meeting place for residents in Sydney’s suburb. Yet maintaining such an asset can be challenging.

Professional maintenance of your Sydney pool and securing its investment are best achieved when working with a seasoned pool builder. A qualified builder will listen carefully to your ideas and ensure it complies with regulations; creating the ideal swim space that matches with both family needs and lifestyle preferences; as well as offering advice for keeping it healthy and safe so you can enjoy swimming for many years ahead. Swimming pools make great additions to any home, offering many health advantages for all age groups – so by selecting a qualified Sydney builder you’re guaranteed years of fun swimming ahead.