What is the SGP Prize?

The Singapore Press Foundation (SPF), an independent and government-funded organisation that promotes literary works, established this award in 1986. It is one of Singapore’s most coveted literary prizes: winners receive S$10,000 cash plus an invitation to attend an awards ceremony hosted by SPF. Writers may enter by merit alone without needing citizenship in Singapore or winning other literary prizes in order to win this coveted accolade.

The SGP prize can provide authors with motivation to produce more work, but is no guarantee of success. However, it can help authors and publishers learn who their readers are in order to produce works which speak directly to the public – an integral component of Singapore’s literary industry where the SGP prize helps maintain high standards of writing.

SPF not only awards the SGP prize but also recognizes literary excellence across different languages by awarding the book of the year award and special prizes. A panel of judges drawn from literature, history and arts select the winner each year; award recipients should have had an impactful literary work that has significantly advanced language development or culture; this can include both fiction and nonfiction books published any format.

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Professor Kishore Mahbubani, senior advisor for university and global relations at NUS, informed The Straits Times of plans to widen the types of work eligible for SGP participation. He suggested that future winners could include films and comic books as effective methods of communicating historical events than conventional written accounts. Singaporeans would benefit from developing a greater appreciation of their country’s past through this change, however this decision has yet to be finalized and SGP continues to serve as an illuminating and rewarding award for writers in Singapore. Though not the only prize of its kind in existence, Singapore’s Literary Prize stands as one of the most coveted awards worldwide. Writers should strive for this esteemed accolade – though achieving it requires hard work and persistence, but is well worth their while.