What is the Hong Kong Prize?

hk prize

Hong Kong Prize is an award given out annually to individuals who have made an impactful difference in their community, providing cash prize and access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities as the winner’s reward. One of Asia’s most prestigious science prizes, this prize serves to promote science while acting as an incentive for students pursuing science careers.

The Hong Kong Prize is an independent non-governmental merit-based award created to recognize scientists who make significant contributions to global scientific advancement and promote young people to study science – inspiring more to join scientific disciplines and help make our world better. As one of Asia’s most coveted awards, each year it draws thousands of applicants seeking recognition of their outstanding efforts.

Not only do winners of this year’s hk prize receive monetary awards, they also receive shopping vouchers and F&B perks as part of their awards. When selecting winners, the judging panel takes into account both research quality and authors’ understanding of Hong Kong culture in choosing winners. Furthermore, taking part will build your reputation while raising awareness about your work.

An astrophysicist won a prize, for instance, after discovering radio waves believed to have come from faraway galaxies and be associated with neutron stars (remnants of collapsed stars after supernova explosions). Astronomers and astrophysicists hailed this discovery as an amazing accomplishment that allowed them to gain insight into distant galaxies and understand our universe more fully.

hk prize recognizes not only scientists, but also people who have made an impactful difference in their communities. From fighting for social justice and freedom of expression advocacy to medical breakthroughs – these individuals deserve our thanks and appreciation as essential parts of global society.

The HK Prize recognizes individuals through awards of scholarships for higher education, helping individuals pursue their dreams and reach their goals more easily. Giving back through this prize is a fantastic way of showing kindness towards those most in need.

On November 12th, for the first time since being forced online due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions in 2020-2021, the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards took place offline for an inaugural ceremony. Donnie Yen won best director for his police-and-robbers actioner Raging Fire which also won film of the year honors; with special tribute paid posthumously to late director Benny Chan who received an honorary award at this award ceremony.

In addition to awarding winners, this year’s Hong Kong Prize also featured thought-provoking panels and a charity auction focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion (dubbed “Colours of Humanity”). Co-hosted by Justice Centre Hong Kong and EU Office in Hong Kong & Macao with support from Goethe-Institut Hongkong; proceeds from this event will support Justice Centre Hong Kong’s work for forcibly displaced migrants living in Hong Kong; two top prizes and three honourable mentions will be presented for visual art submissions from visual art submissions submitted this year!